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The chapter list


How will the world be different over the next decades?

Organisations in a challenging world

A Purposeful Self-Renewing Organisation

How is all of this to be put in place?

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: A Short History of the Crisis

The financial crisis

The roots of the financial crisis

The role of the financial sector

Personal, corporate and government debt

Executive Summary

Chapter 2: The New Operating Environment


Economic development and social interactions

Communications, science and technology

Resource and other systemic challenges

Executive Summary

Chapter 3: What Lies Ahead?

The short term

The medium term

Longer term scenarios

Executive Summary

Chapter 4: Organisational design

Aligned to the previous environment

Dealing with the next decades

Successful organisations in very challenging environments

Executive summary

Chapter 5: The Foxes and Hedgehogs of Renewal

Measuring renewal

Firms’ self-perceived weaknesses

Hurdles to innovation

Foxes and Hedgehogs: their roles in renewal

The double cone: a framework for Foxes and Hedgehogs

Executive Summary

Chapter 6: The Importance of Purpose


Clarity of purpose

Senior management and the Board



Setting a purpose

Chapter 7: Five Qualities for Renewal

The journey and destination




Generating Options


Executive summary

Chapter 8: The Structure of Renewal

Organisational change

The Three Ring Circus

Linking the Three Ring Circus

Executive summary

Chapter 9: Managing Renewal

Getting Going

Evolution of a PS-RO

Managing a PS-RO system

What about the workers?

The diagnostic tool

Chapter 10: Values

Core Values

The origins of values

Aligning your values with a PS-RO

Unlocking extraordinary competence

Measuring behaviours


Executive summary

Chapter 11: Insight

Horizon scanning

Forecasting as part of Insight

The scenario process

Describing the organisation

Audit of exposure to risks

Practical aspects of gathering Insight

Quantifying scenarios

Insight and Three Ring Circus

Executive summary

Chapter 12: Generating Options

The options journey


Changing the portfolio

Executive summary

Chapter 13: Narrative

What is a Narrative?

The individual narrative

The organisational narrative

Developing the organisational narrative

Executive summary

Chapter 14: Machinery



The formal planning system: the role of the Three Ring Circus

Five cogs in the Machinery

The “95” organisation

The “99” organisation


Executive summary

Conclusion: a Purposeful Self-Renewing Organisation

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The authors

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Gill Ringland

Gill Ringland's career has spanned academic and industrial worlds. She is a past Member of SRC’s Computing Science Committee and of Council of the Economic and Social Research Council.

She has been CEO and a Fellow of SAMI Consulting since 2002. A longer biography is available from their web site.

Oliver Sparrow oliver sparrow

Oliver Sparrow spent twenty years in Shell, chiefly around strategic planning and external relations. He was a director at the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House for five years, and now runs a number of start-up companies and ventures, from gold mines to waste recycling, tourism to energy.

He is director of the Challenge Network, which specialises in addressing complex or long-range issues. A longer biography is available from their web site.

Patricia Lustig patricia lustig

Patricia Lustig is a Visiting Fellow at Henley Management College and Principal Consultant of LASA Development UK Ltd, an international consultancy group specialising in Leadership development and organisational performance enhancement. She is an Principal of SAMI Consulting.

She is a member of the OD Faculty at CIPD, running their Scenario Planning course. Her most recent corporate role was with BP where she was a Senior Advisor in OD and led a team of OD specialists. She has also worked for Motorola ECID and Management Centre Europe.

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Beyond Crisis: Achieving Renewal in a Turbulent World