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Products: how we can help you

Products: how we can help you


We have person-centuries of experience in general management. Our clients seldom need a clear, specified deliverable. rather, there is a general sense that something is not quite right, a general sense of unease, They may feel that the world is passing them by; that what they used to dominate has somehow slipped their control; that they do not, frankly, entirely understand what is going on. They may feel incapable of innovation, or that their staff are dull, plodding and unresponsive.

This means that it is rather difficult to be specific about what we do, as we tend to do different things for every client. Our focus is on staff work: on understanding what is going on, on defining strengths and weaknesses, but most of all on getting the organisation to work together as an entity in order to address these issues.

The solutions to the familiar malaise that is described above is, almost always, concerned less with what the organisation does than with how it "thinks" about itself, its operating environment, its identity, its constraints and options. Thinking comes down to largely human processes that generate and synthesise information, and in the absence of proper process, half-completed thoughts are lost, different groups tend to think in quite different terms, dominant figures impose themselves and huge areas of insight are simply ignored. The organisation operates well below its potential. Yet it costs little to restore such process, as the organisation usually has the people and the activities already in place, often duplicated, but does not join up the relevant dots.

A separate PDF sets out our overall solution to these problems in more detail.

Workshops, training and stand-alone talks

Few organisations want to launch into this fairly invasive procedure without some initial experience with us, and as a result we offer a range of piecemeal products. These range from stand-alone talks and workshops through training programs to issue-focused projects. We have a number of stand-alone presentations which are discussed here.

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