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Scenarios for 2025

Scenarios for 2025

These scenarios look forward to 2025. A team of around 130 people have contributed, plus numerous comments from readers. The papers follow chronological order, so you can jump to the outcome by scrolling down to the foot of the page. That said, the first text is a brief summary, and the very last link is to a PDF of the scenario presentation itself, plus recommendations for a workshop format. Many find this a good place to start, and prefer to use this as an index to guide them to specific papers of interest.

Summary: the scenarios on a (large) postcard
A review of the key issues
Comment: On financial reform and chartalism
Comment: The nature of power and influence
Comment: Understanding the Caliphate; and Salafi thought
Comment: Nuclear fusion: penurious promise
Comment: Factors governing social change
Comment: The Euro - now what?
Comment: On buying social consensus
The What If questions
Comment: Structural economics
Comment: Political tone/ organising principles
Comment: New horizons
Comment: Geopolitics
Comment: Emerging economies
Comment: Economic performance of Western economies
Comment: The politics of anger
Comment: Energy geopolitics
Powering the World: options for energy (PDF)
Comment: Big Systems issues
Key variables: introduction
Comment: Developing patterns in US politics
Comment: Prospects for China
Comment: European values
Comment: The financial system
Comment: Finance and systems instabilities
Comments on the politics and values papers
Comments on the China paper
Comments on the financial systems paper
The scenarios
Understanding narratives
Innovation and entrepreneurialism
The New Narrative
Demographics and pensions
A European New Narrative
A scenario presentation (PDF)

Please note that the scenario presentation is a 4.5 megabyte PDF. The energy PDF is also quite large.

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